Monday, April 13, 2015

Eighth Digitama Goes Live on

The eighth and final digitama, containing Tentomon's Baby I stage Bubbmon, went live this early morning at 12:41 PM Japanese Standard Time. This egg requires only two hundred thousand clicks to hatch, while past eggs have required up to a million. Some are wary that the click counter may be artificially stalled by berserk Digimon, as has happened in the past with Scumon and Pico Devimon blocking previous digitama. However, at the current rate of progression Bubbmon should hatch a week prior to the street date for this month's issue of V-Jump magazine, which fits the intended hatch dates for past eggs.

The 15th Anniversary Project's global tweet about the digitama has circulated sixteen hundred times thus far. The contents of the egg are expected to be significant; at the minimum a definitive air date is being anticipated by the general public, and at best a trailer for Digimon Adventure tri. Whatever the case, the contents of the digitama will likely complement information in this month's V-Jump issue.

Tamers everywhere are encouraged to participate in rubbing the digitama, to hatch Bubbmon at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Play Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Chapter 04 Quests

Like with the second chapter, the tail end of the fourth is resolved through quests.

For now I'm actually putting off unlocking the one that will end the chapter, to do this optional quest instead.

This quest comes from a Hagurumon on the first floor of the Nakano Broadway. He's lost an important gear, and might die without our help. Note that this quest is a three-star quest, without at least two Adult-level Digimon it's really not recommended you attempt it.

The quest takes place close to the medal machine, so I pick up another capsule while I'm here. This one is Angewomon again.

 Hagurumon's digital space is inside that portal.

 " the person that took the request?"
Right now Hagurumon's in a very tough situation. He's going to die soon because he's lost an important part somewhere in this dungeon, but he doesn't know where. We need to find it so that he can live.

The Digimon that appear in this digital space are much stronger than anything we've faced thus far. In this same chapter we were only just introduced to DORUmon, and here we are fighting his next stage DORUgamon! Regardless, these parties are could not be better suited for Black Garurumon's Virus and Wizarmon's Data attributes. DORUgamon is Data-Earth (2x weak to the Black series Digimon) and Peckmon on the right is Vaccine-Wind (2x weak to Wizarmon.) This means that we can generally take out these parties before they ever get a turn, though it's very SP intensive and leaves us mostly drained.

...which doesn't matter when our experience point gain is suddenly in four digits. To put this in perspective, the average XP payout of the preceding area was ~250 XP. We are gaining literally four times that amount every battle, leveling up four times faster than normal. That means we will have a team of Perfect-level Digimon before the end of this chapter, though the leveling scheme isn't yet perfect and I'll be setting something up that will help us stay up to speed throughout the whole game.

Burai evolves into Black Were Garurumon, getting the support skill Intimidate (10% chance to inflict Stun when he attacks) and learning a new unique skill Roundmoon Kick (円月蹴りEngetsugeri.) Roundmoon Kick is a single-target skill and has a base effect of 110 with a 30% chance to increase his own Speed by 10%. It's the type of skill that in long drawn-out battles lets you snowball over successive turns, and can easily oneshot DORUgamon.

Granted, at 15 SP it takes about half of Black Were Garurumon's SP to pull that off, but when he's gaining three to eight levels every battle that's negligible.

Miss Mad is the first in our party to reach the level requirements for evolution to Perfect, but doesn't meet the 30 Brains stat requirement until she's at level 32.

Lilymon has retained some of what made her good back in Digimon Story. She keeps Togemon's Poisonous Thorns support skill, and her main attack is Flower Cannon, a 105 base power skill...but in this game it only hits a single target rather than three. She still has good Speed and efficient SP (which is a marked change considering how she started out as Palmon) and Flower Cannon's combination of power and SP efficiency (it costs 15 SP, so at level 1 we can use it eight times with her high SP pool) lets Miss Mad be in a good position to switch between continuous offensive and support roles. Black Were Garurumon does a lot of damage but burns out quickly, while Miss Mad does slightly less in exchange for being sustainable over long periods of time. And being part of her past evolution lines means inheriting non-unique skills like Antipoison and Antiparalyze to cure status effects. However, her HP is almost half that of Black Were Garurumon's, so as a trade-off for her tremendous offensive power and Speed she just can't take hits.

Having access to easy leveling has let me put more thought towards how I'm going to plan our eventual 6~11 Digimon team, so I figure it's time to start hatching some of our upcoming party members. Burai and Black Greymon will probably at one point end up as Omegamon Zwart, the intended use of the DLC Black Digimon. (Provided that Zwart matches up to his hype, anyway.) I have a specific line in mind for this Digitama; it's an Earth-attribute egg from some scan data I picked up in the Mayohiga.

Meet Ankylomon; we won't be knowing him for very long. I degenerate Ankylomon down through Armadimon to Nyaromon and finally Punimon, then evolve him back up through the Tsunomon line, and into...

V-mon! His name is Bruno (ブルーノ), from my first Chao I ever raised back in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle around 2002. I had a soft spot for the little guy, but could only raise him when I was at my friend's house since I didn't have SA2B. As I was playing this chapter, it occurred to me that V-mon looks like a Chao run through a focus group of ten-year-old boys.

In Digimon Story, V-mon was exclusively available through matching Digimon to produce a specific Digitama--in his case, you had to match a Dragon Digimon with one with an obedient personality and 300+ Attack. Considering how hard it was to find anybody that had a copy of the game, I never had one.

The other areas of Hagurumon's digital space are populated by Blue Meramon and Knightmon. Greymon has a low chance to appear in every part of this dungeon, as part of other parties.

Black Greymon evolves to Black Metal Greymon. Black Metal has great Attack and Defense but mediocre Speed and Brains. His SP pool is slightly bigger than Black Were Garurumon's, and he has higher HP. His non-transferable skill is Revenge Flame, which is a reactionary skill rather than an active one. When Metal Greymon takes either a physical or a magical attack, he'll counterattack for 15 SP. His support skill is Dragon's Roar, which makes a 15% increase to Attack.

The piece of Hagurumon that he needs is up at the highest floor of the dungeon, through a (not so complex) warp maze, but we don't actually want to collect it as just picking it up automatically ends the quest. The moment this quest ends, we lose access to this digital space, so Hagurumon's suffering prolongs our massive XP gain. What would the Tamer King do? Probably save the poor guy, but I'm in it for my own monsters.

To complete the cycle of absolutely busted leveling, I convert a Keramon and a Tsumemon from scan data, and raise their levels until they can evolve into...

The Adult-stage Digimon, Platinum Scumon. Rare Metal Poop and Destroy Cannon I are pretty unremarkable skills, but his support skill Platinum Bonus is the real reason to raise this pile of platinum poop. Platinum Bonus increases experience points during any battle that Platinum Scumon takes part in. We can stack this by having multiple Platinum Scumon in our party, and with three Platinum Bonuses active this results in EXP gain from each battle jumping from ~1096 up to ~3288. With three Platinum Bonuses it can jump up to ~4384, but the Scumons are so ineffective at fighting the enemies here that it's really not worth it versus just running a party of two Platinum Scumon with Miss Mad doing the heavy lifting and the Digimon we want to level in the back.

Eventually the Platinum Scumon can evolve into Platinum Numeon as their Ultimate, but they cost almost three times as much memory so it's not really worth investing in right now.

We can access two of V-mon's evolutions right now. Not coincidentally, these are the two primary lines for V-mon in Digimon media; V-Tamer 01's V-dramon (on the right) and Adventure 02's XV-mon (left.) In terms of raw stats, V-dramon has a clear advantage over XV-mon. While XV-mon prioritizes SP and Brains, V-dramon focuses on HP, Attack and Defense, but has 100 more HP in exchange for 11 less SP and if you add up the stats from Attack through Speed, V-dramon has 10 more base stat points to work with than XV-mon. (XV-mon's total is 215 vs V-dramon's 225.) They both have the same Dragon's Roar passive skill as Metal Greymon above, but this biases the comparison further towards V-dramon because of his innately higher Attack.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that the bias skews towards V-dramon due to a combination of V-Tamer 01's greater popularity (it was something of a franchise pet for a long time) as well as V-dramon being part of a Royal Knight evolution line while XV-mon isn't. XV-mon has X-laser, a single target light-attribute physical skill with a base power of 95 that costs 10 SP. For the same SP cost, V-dramon gets V-Breath Arrow, a fire-attribute physical skill with the same range with a base power of 105. But in exchange, V-Dramon also takes 5% of his own HP in damage every time he uses V-Breath Arrow. XV-mon is Free-Neutral while V-dramon is Vaccine-Wind. The balance between them kinda exists but is skewed by XV-mon lacking the physical power to back up X-laser compared to V-dramon's stats actually matching his skills.

In terms of their whole evolution lines, the bias is preserved. V-dramon's Perfect stage is Aero V-dramon, whose unique skill is Dragon Impulse, 15 SP for a 115 base power single target skill. Meanwhile XV-mon evolves to Paildramon, who pays the same cost for the fire-attribute Desperado Blaster, which hits all enemies twice but only has a base power of 40. Generally weakened spread damage is less effective in Cyber Sleuth compared to strong single target skills, because the latter can gain a turn advantage more quickly by scoring a one-hit knockout on an opposing Digimon.

Their support skills only make things worse. Paildramon gets Last Stand, which increases all damage taken and dealt by 20%, but Aero V-dramon gets Godspeed, one of the best support skills in the whole game. Godspeed (神速 Shinsoku) causes Aero V-dramon to always move first at the beginning of a battle regardless of Speed, meaning that the only way to beat out a Godspeed Digimon for going first is to use another Godspeed Digimon. (As a rule, any skill that can only be countered by itself should send up warning flags.) This skill is also innate to V-dramon's Ultimate stage Ulforce V-dramon, and when combined with one of his unique skills Ulforce Saber (25 SP for 65 base power on a single target, but hits twice) allows for precision control where you can do things like take out the status inducer on an opposing team before they ever get a turn to induce status with. Take that with Ulforce also using Shining V-force to increase his own Speed by 10% every turn and hitting every opposing Digimon for 100 power, and you have a dangerous Digimon that can take the lead and immediately snowball it.

Contrast that with XV-mon, who can eventually evolve all the way up into the Super Ultimate stage Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Paladin Mode's support skill is Themian Salvation (救世の護法 Kyuusei no Gohou) which reduces damage from supereffective attributes by 15%. Paladin Mode is Vaccine-Light, so this only applies to Virus and Dark attribute Digimon. It's nonetheless important, because about 30% of all Ultimate Digimon are at least Virus attribute. His unique skill is Omega Blade, which has been severely downgraded since Digimon Story. Omega Blade is a 30 SP single-target 150 base power skill that deals nullity-attribute damage, and has a 10% chance to inflict Flat. It's a good skill, but compared to Ulforce V-dramon's turn manipulation it's just less than stellar.

(About the translation, there's no adequate translation for 護法 in English. Gohou refers to an abstract concept of constitution, law, truth and order. It is comparable to the ancient Egyptian Maat, but also refers to the power to dispel diseases or exorcise demons from the possessed. So it's very tricky to translate. It's not precisely Dharma, but it does contain the kanji for Dharma (法) within it. I opted for "Themian" from the Greek Titan Themis, who personifies a similarly-untranslatable conception of justice.)

basically if you want to do unspeakable evils to this game, you need to pull those evils right up out of your own toilet

I uh, did something embarrassing. I missguessed the silhouettes and thought Wizarmon evolved into Andiramon like normal, but it turns how Wizarmon can only evolve into SkullSatamon, Wisemon and Vamdemon. I actually had to degenerate Wizarmon back into Lopmon and then evolve her into Galgomon to reach Andiramon. Go figure! I guess they realized Wizarmon > Andiramon was a dumb evolution line after all.

This is another Digimon that hits pretty close to home for me. Andiramon was a focal character in Digimon Story, who helped fight against the rampaging Kimeramon to save the original digital world in the past but was ultimately abandoned by his tamer. Most of the core cast of Digimon Story are tied to Andiramon's quest to recover from multiple tamers abusing his trust, and the antagonist Unknown-D's initial gambit rests on the idea that Andiramon will turn against the tamers and prove him right about humanity's real nature. The player has to earn Andiramon's scan data by fighting alongside him against Kimeramon where his past tamer abandoned him, proving the value of working together as tamer and partner. After reaching that point in Digimon Story, I converted Andiramon from scan data and raised him into an unstoppable Cherubimon.

Andiramon's support skill is Meditation, which restores 5% of every party member's HP at the start of their turn. His unique skill is Asipatravana (アシパトラヴァナ) which costs 15 SP, has a base power of 55 and hits a single target twice for wind-attribute damage.

With the team of Perfects finally assembled, we're a little too ready to roll out. The discrepancy here is pretty great--Lilymon is level 48, while Andiramon is around level 6. Credit where credit is due; both the Hagurumon quest and Platinum Scumon trick were originally discovered by khalahaley before I even had my copy of the game. Their other methods for experience grinding will probably come into play later in this playthrough.

Going back to the whiteboard while the quest is in session allows us to suspend (中断中) it. Sorry Hagurumon, just try not to die yet! I need that EXP farm!

Kyouko wants us to check out Shibuya's scramble crossing. There's something mysterious about the geography that interests her.

A note regarding items. The pearl, topaz, aquamarine and alexandrite items exist purely to become cash. (It even says so in their item descriptions, along with quotes from certain characters.) They're rare but also valuable enough to be effective supplementary income, so be sure to sell off items that have a gem icon next to them.

The Scramble Crossing has been added as a new location on the map, to the southeast of the Nakano broadway.

It's only a single screen long, and there's only a few background NPCs to talk to in addition to our main focus.

This girl.

Everyone, why won't you pay attention...
No one recognizes me...
...Found you, UNHAPPY--

 A screeching car is heard wheeling past.

...I've finally arrived, how unlucky~

Our protagonist narrowly avoided getting run over. This opens up a new request, but he wonders if he should really be taking the case.

This quest is called the Scramble Pentagram, and comes from the Inoden Occult Research Club (井ノ電オカルト研究Inoden Okaruto Kenkyuubu.) This is implicitly a high school research club with "Inoden" being the students' school.

This is Mei, the president of the club. An urban legend's been spreading about Shibuya Hirasaka. Shibuya's scramble crossing has five paths going in five different directions; by having one person pass through each path simultaneously while singing the song of Hirasaka, when they reach the center of the scramble...Kyouko halfheartedly guesses that this is supposed to result in some wish-granting, but Mei explains that it actually revives the dead.

(Shibuya Hirasaka is derived from Yomotsu Hirasaka, the gateway to the land of the dead in Japanese folklore. The actual hill of Yomi is in Shimane prefecture, on the other side of the country.)

We're going to help the club investigate the Shibuya Hirasaka legend. A request is a request, as Kyouko puts it. First we need to do a little research, talking to the different club members on each floor of Nakano broadway. Mei gives us the song, and to be perfectly honest; I started to translate it, but it's a completely irrelevant ten line generic horror chant about curses, Shibuya Hirasaka, pentagrams and the foot of the hill.

On the ground floor is the club's vice-president, Kenji. He goes into the etymology of Shibuya as the "ravine of Tokyo," and hypothesizes about the five paths channeling energy.

Club member Manaka is on the next floor, who names the five paths of the Shibuya pentagram and how they converge.

(I feel obligated to point out that the real Shibuya scramble doesn't form a pentagram. I think how they're pulling it off is by having two sets of people walk through the crosswalks in opposing directions to draw a cumulative pentagram, but I can't be bothered to actually pull up an overhead map and work this one out.)

Then there's Lily, who's dressed up as a maid for her part-time job at the Nakano theater. She tells us that according to the Shibuya Hirasaka legend, those that enter "Shibuya Hirasaka" for the first time are run over by a truck.

"Shibuya, scramble crossing, a truck, an accident..."

"...Found you, UNHAPPY--"
"Unhappy" and "unlucky" (in English) are both part of the Hirasaka song lyrics.

On Kyouko's orders, we're going to join the Inoden Occult Research Club to try and recreate the conditions for Shibuya Hirasaka. With them we have a collective five members that we need to time our movements to, so that we can form the pentagram while singing the Hirasaka song.

 Everyone walks through their crossings while chanting the Hirasaka song.

 The timing is perfect. For a moment, it seems as though the urban legend will be just that.

Mei: W-what is this!?
Lily: Eh? W-why!? Why can't I see anybody?
Kenji: Not just the people, but the cars too...

 When control is returned to us, the music has cut out entirely.

Why can't everyone recognize me? Everyone, do you really not notice?

You're not supposed to be alive in this place. Living, is not allowed.

 That's why

Mei: W-what!? You, who are you!?
Grieving female student: I died here. At the very bottom of Shibuya, in that world.
Kenji: S-she disappeared...?

(Translation note; She uses a variety of "there"  あっち acchi that indicates a place far from both herself and the people she's speaking to. The implication is that we are no longer in our world.)

Manaka: K-kyaaa!!?!

Lily: Iyaaa!?

Mei: W-what is this!?

 Kenji: I can't keep track of her!

Grieving female student: Kyahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Familiar voice: H...ey! Hey, wh...t are you doing! Ans...r me!

Familiar voice: --Touya!



Everyone's safe, but we narrowly avoided getting run over by another truck. Ghost-girl is gone, the people are back, and Kyouko's worried.

Back at the office, Kyouko's been working out the particulars of this case. The Occult Research Club's exploits nearly got her assistant killed. It was only Kyouko's voice that was able to save us.

Kyouko matches this photo of the girl to the woman we identified. She's a female high school student that died three months ago at that very intersection, run over by a truck. It seems that the Shibuya Hirasaka rumors are connected to similar stories about the Shibuya river and Yomi. These parallel spirit worlds, the Mayohiga case--they're all implicating otherworldly events.

And that's why Kyouko's calling off any further investigation. We're not exorcists nor ghostbusters, after all. We're cyber detectives, and this is out of our hands.

(Translation note: The Shibuya river is a famous non-place. It exists, but it's really hard to find the river because it's been repeatedly built over and is obscured by the famous 109 building. Construction has also inhibited the flow of the river, so that it's smaller than it once was, and it's been flushed out to purify the original iron-rich waters which removed its distinctive smell. You really wouldn't know the river existed if you didn't go looking for it. Shibuya is a place that's naturally accrued a ton of urban legends over time, but the emphasis on the river seems to be a recent idea that goes back to The World Ends With You c. 2007.)

To kill everyone, I'm so LUCKY
If everyone dies, watch out! HAPPY

We did at least complete the Club's initial request, so we still get the rewards promised. This quest gives us 500 CSP, enough to reach the next Sleuth Rank.

(Sidenote; I suspect this may be a bad ending to the quest. I haven't confirmed it, but there's an EDEN access point in the area during the brief periods of time when you can talk to the ghost.)

The beginning of our next quest is at the EDEN entrance's overlook.

I get another Witchmon medal while I'm here. I then sell off my current medal collection for 770 yen. Cumulatively I've spent 1800 yen and gotten 1990 out, a net profit of 190 yen. If only the medal business were run by Mojyamons.

"Bronze Cup competition! READYGO♪"
Before proceeding, I do a small side event that I forgot to try earlier. The offline colosseum is accessed through the Tekken machines on the fourth floor of the Nakano broadway.

Demons Hacker: Don't tell me you think you can really win out?
The Bronze Cup is a five-round tournament against primarily Baby I and Baby II Digimon, with a single Child-level Digimon at the end. The brackets are as follows;
Little Boy - Punimon (Free-Null), Botamon (Free-Null)
Little Girl - Poyomon (Free-Null), Tokomon (Free-Null)
Salaryman - Kuramon (Free-Null), Tsumemon (Free-Dark), Kuramon (Free-Null)
Office Lady - Wanyamon (Free-Wind), Nyaromon (Free-Light), Bubbmon (Free-Null)
Demons Hacker - Guilmon (Virus-Fire)
Since the majority of these Digimon are at so low a stage that their primary attributes are Free-Null, there isn't a lot of strategizing around the Bronze Cup. If I was doing this closer to the beginning of the game I'd need to worry about that Guilmon at the end; Gomamon would be ideal for dealing with it. For winning the Bronze Cup I get a Brave Point E, a consumable item that gives a Digimon +2500 EXP.

Next up is the Silver Cup, the last offline colosseum that we can access right now. This one is six rounds long, and features primarily Child-level Digimon with a few Baby IIs mixed in. It's also an example of why monotype teams are bad--the second to last tamer has a team of purely Virus-Darks, which would wipe the floor with a pure Data team but crumbles if you have even one strong Vaccine Digimon.
Contemporary Girl - Lopmon (Data-Earth)
Housewife - Tanemon (Free-Plant), Patamon (Data-Wind)
Mister - Elecmon (Data-Electric), Shakomon (Virus-Water)
Saleswoman - Tsunomon (Free-Earth), Toy Agumon (Vaccine-Null), Armadimon (Free-Earth)
Rural Hacker -  Gazimon (Virus-Dark), Impmon (Virus-Dark), Pico Devimon (Virus-Dark)
Veteran Salaryman - Hawkmon (Free-Wind), Hagurumon (Virus-Electric), Gaomon (Data-Null)
Virus is the most represented attribute in the tournament, followed by Data. So a more normal team might bring Biyomon and Goblimon to deal with those. For winning this tournament we get a Brave Point D.

Our objective is at the back of the EDEN entrance, to the far left on the viewing platform.

This little girl feels something strange, but her mother is dismissive. When we check the glowing spot behind them, we get a new Digiline message.

Digivice: "i s e e y o u"
Kyouko gives us a call. We have another request from the Occult Research Club.

This quest is called Dreameating Kokkuri-san (夢喰 Yumekui Kokkuri-san) and is commissioned by Occult Research Club member Manaka.

(Translation note: The premise of the quest relies on the mythology of the Baku (夢喰) or Dreameater, a tapir-like cryptid said to eat nightmares. Kokkuri-san is both a fortune-telling game and the name of the spirit the game invokes, which became popular in the early 20th century and persists today. Kokkuri-san was once ridiculed as an expression of superstition and antimodernism during the Meiji period, and I've actually been studying it as part of my university's grant research. It's basically a type of seance where you ask Kokkuri-san to answer some yes/no questions for you by tilting a specially constructed three-legged table in different directions.)

Manaka is by herself today. She wants us to take a look at her Digiline log; it contains messages that she never wrote. Kyouko suggests it could be a hacker or spyware, but the contents of the texts are real thoughts that Manaka never wrote down. And they're very personal feelings--flirtatious comments about boyfriends and the club members. Kyouko finds this incident interesting, comparing it to a Ouija board, table-turning and Kokkuri. She may not be willing to take on an occult case, but she could accept an occultish case.

(On the subject of Digiline, it seems it's a derivative of LINE, a major Japanese instant messaging app. Perhaps not coincidentally, Bandai recently licensed official Digimon Adventure stickers for LINE. The stickers function like specific-use emoji in the chat.)

 Manaka's Digiline: > f o u n d y o u s e e o u!
While we're talking over possible solutions, a new text is posted to her account. Kokkuri-san tells us to take on "my Manaka's request." Kyouko has a plan to go "fox hunting," and we'll need to log into EDEN to pull it off.

(Foxes are often associated with the supernatural in Japanese writing. Just today I had to break down the different ways elderly women were othered into a nonhuman species in modernist Japanese literature, and alongside comparing them to bakeneko monster cats, those women were also called foxes.)

Manaka-kun isn't here yet, and Kyouko's calling in some help for this investigation.

The Wanyamon from the Yuuki Fuyume case is back! His name is Pete now. He's going to help us catch the culprit that posted those messages by sniffing out his stench. (On a side note, Pete self-identifies as a boy, which takes our protagonist by surprise.)

Manaka rejoins us at this point. The EDEN Entrance is empty for this segment, save for her and Navito-kun.

Mature Boy:'d you find me?
Back where we originally found our "see" message, Pete sniffs out this boy. He's not a hacker nor a programmer, but a self-professed genius architect; he's developed the Dreameater Reborn Service (BAKUリボーンサービス), one of EDEN's top services. When a real person dies, the network compiles all of their account data and information into one composite whole. Key to this is that it archives mental data, which is the part Kyouko's interested in.

He gets completely flustered when Manaka shows up. She mistakes him for the criminal, but that's not the case. She does get him to apologize for what his program's caused, although he can't stand the way she's patronizing him. Kyouko's got a new objective for us--UMA capture.

The EDEN Entrance departure point gets rerouted to the mental data Digital Space. We're going to hunt the Baku for ourselves. This area's encounters include Pagumon, Impmon, Tsumemon, Tyranomon and Geo Greymon. It's another very short dungeon.

It turns out the Baku is Clockmon. The boy's program has been overtaken by a Digimon. We can't know its intentions, but it has to go.

 Clockmon is a Data-Electric attribute Adult-level Digimon who is grossly outnumbered right now.

Flower Cannon, Dragon Impulse and a XROS Combo'd Asipatravana take him down before he ever gets a turn. I don't even have any Virus-attribute Digimon, my time in the Hagurubolic Time Chamber just made my numbers this big. Maybe I should go easy on the game for the next chapter.

With Clockmon gone, Kyouko downloads the relevant data from the storage space and calls us back.

Manaka's shocked that such a little boy could help with a terrible crime like this. "Terrible" though it may be, Kyouko points out that her stalker was ultimately a program. Still, Manaka isn't sure why it only happened to her.

Kyouko can't believe Manaka hasn't figured it out yet. Although the Digimon took it over, that little boy initially selected her for the program's target. And he had a reason for making that selection--he has a crush on her! This was his way of teasing Manaka, strange as it was.

Pete had fun with this case. If we ever need his help again, he'll be waiting in the central cooling computer.

For this case we get 600 yen, 500 Cyber Sleuth Points and a Memory Up.

Kyouko closes out the chapter by sending us up for more coffee beans. She's cooking up another recipe as we speak.