Monday, April 13, 2015

Eighth Digitama Goes Live on

The eighth and final digitama, containing Tentomon's Baby I stage Bubbmon, went live this early morning at 12:41 PM Japanese Standard Time. This egg requires only two hundred thousand clicks to hatch, while past eggs have required up to a million. Some are wary that the click counter may be artificially stalled by berserk Digimon, as has happened in the past with Scumon and Pico Devimon blocking previous digitama. However, at the current rate of progression Bubbmon should hatch a week prior to the street date for this month's issue of V-Jump magazine, which fits the intended hatch dates for past eggs.

The 15th Anniversary Project's global tweet about the digitama has circulated sixteen hundred times thus far. The contents of the egg are expected to be significant; at the minimum a definitive air date is being anticipated by the general public, and at best a trailer for Digimon Adventure tri. Whatever the case, the contents of the digitama will likely complement information in this month's V-Jump issue.

Tamers everywhere are encouraged to participate in rubbing the digitama, to hatch Bubbmon at the earliest possible opportunity.

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