Friday, August 28, 2015

Digimon World Website Adds Kouta's and Guilmon's Profiles

August 28th, 2015. The official Digimon World -next 0rder- portal site has updated with a profile for Hirose Kouta, one of the supporting characters introduced by last week's issue of V Jump magazine. Kouta brings along with him his partner Yukimura, a Guilmon. The pair have contrasting personalities, with Kouta speaking casual macho Japanese, while Yukimura addresses everyone politely regardless of the situation.
Hirose Kouta
"I'm Hirose Kouta. This's my partner, Yukimura."
A third year student in the same high school as the player. What you'd call a "nice guy" effective at reading the mood. While not unpopular, to no small extent you could say that he's unsatisfied. Like the player, he wanders the digital world. His partner is Yukimura (Guilmon).
Yukimura (Guilmon)
Kouta's partner. Polite to everyone, he has a stoic personality.
Last week the page updated with a section for the female protagonist, Shiki. So far the latest entry in the Digimon World series has followed a weekly schedule for distributing information. On a related note, With the Will user Theigno found the profiles' text embedded in the source code of the -next 0rder- website. Under normal circumstances the text is not displayed, but when viewed it gives both the text seen on the main page and the alt text for each image. At this time none of the hidden text contains more information than what the images already convey.

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