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Digimon World -next 0rder- Storyline Detailed in September 2015 V Jump

Scan credit to 10th Mystery.
September 16th, 2015. This month's issue of V Jump magazine has followed up on Tuesday's -next 0rder- commercial leak, confirming that the player will be permitted the use of two partners simultaneously. According to V Jump, -next 0rder-'s partner system allows two Digimon to fight at once, with the way they battle changing depending on their compatibility and the strength of their bond to one another. This game features an evolve AI battle system from what was seen in past Digimon World games; although the Digimon will think, move, and attack on their own, the player can encourage and support them from the back. The Digimon will become stronger in response to their cheers.

The issue introduces a new human character, Oofuchi Himari (大淵ヒマリ), whose surname is written with the kanji for "great depths" (alternatively "great pool" or "great abyss.") Himari's partner is Plotmon, a mammal-type Digimon with a spoiled personality. Unlike her Digimon, Himari is an outgoing and energetic girl. In the digital world the protagonist is guided by Jijimon, the elder of "a certain village." -next 0rder- is listed in the magazine as a raising simulation, but no fixed price or release date has been decided as of yet.

Scan credit to 10th Mystery.
The storyline follows the protagonist as they wander the digital world, where they encounter Mugendramon. Somehow getting away from Mugendramon's attack, they witness the Village of Beginnings destroyed before them, and choose to assist both Himari and Jijimon in the reconstruction. The two partners featured in the magazine, War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, are shown battling Mugendramon as part of the storyline. An assortment of direct translations from the magazine are provided below.

(Note that in the original English localization of Digimon World, the Village of Beginnings was called "File City." No other game, anime, or manga since has called it this.)

The issue also details the upcoming 2015 smartphone game Digimon Linkz. Linkz introduces the Digigarden, where tamers raise a Digimon from its egg form to adulthood. These Digimon can then be leveled up in dungeons, and battled. Those that preregister for the game will be rewarded with a special V-mon at launch. Linkz will be available on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, V Jump's website updated today with new screenshots featuring protagonists Shiki and Takuto, giving us our first look at Shiki using both of her partners simultaneously.

Direct Translations
War Greymon
Agumon's final evolution. An Ultimate-level Digimon with incomparable power.
Metal Garurumon
By mechanizing his whole body he powers up, a cyborg form Ultimate-level Digimon.
Evolved AI Battle!
In -next 0rder-'s system, Digimon think for themselves and execute their own attacks at will. Although the Digimon move on their own, the player can cheer them on from the back, and the Digimon will become stronger in response to them.
Two Partners Fight Together!
The partner warriors' compatibility and the strength of their bond causes the way they battle to change.
Rear Digimon in Various Fields!
As time passes and the weather changes, the field changes its form! An adventure like never before is yours!!
Oofuchi Himari
"Let's go, Rikka!"
A Girl Who Gives Her All and Does Her Best Appears!
Her partner is a Plotmon named Rikka. A mammal Child-attribute Digimon with a spoiled personality.
"Hmhmhm? Are you lot human?"
Actually, he's an Ultimate-level with immense power.
Guiding our heroes!
The elder of a certain village. He's reconstructing the village ruined by Mugendramon.
The protagonist who lost their way in the digital world, receives Mugendramon's shocking attack, yet somehow escapes. And then, meeting Jijimon, they see with their own eyes how Mugendramon's attack has caused the Village of Beginnings to fall into a disastrous situation. With Himari and the others, the protagonist decides to help out in the reconstruction of the village. The reconstruction of the village appears to be going well, but...

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