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P-Bandai Survey: Which Digivice Do You Want to See Reprinted?

(10/30/15 Update: The survey period is now over.)

September 29th, 2015. Early this morning Bandai added a survey to their premium shopping site "P-Bandai," asking users what types of products they would like to see in the future. Although the survey is in Japanese, it is possible for foreigners to take it, and no account is required to submit answers. A translation of the survey question-by-question is provided below, to make it easier on foreign language fans to answer, with some precreated responses for the written portions.

Original image by @WarGMelGa
The survey is related to the approaching launch date for the first wave of Complete Selection Animation Digivices, a cosplay prop completely unlike preceding Digimon merchandise. The CSA lights up in the colors of the eight chosen children from Digimon Adventure and uses newly-recorded sound clips of the Digimon evolving, which will be used in Digimon Adventure tri. As it is a Digimon product but not a game like past Digivices, the CSA is somewhat uneasy territory for Bandai, and surveying both existing and potential consumers helps them gauge where to go next with upcoming products.

(Tellingly, one of the possible answers to why one did not buy the CSA device is "Because there is no game function.")

The survey is also concerned with whether or not users bought the Digivice Ver. 15th, if they intend to buy the D-3 Ver. 15th, and if there are any other older products they would like to see reissued like the D-Ark or Digital Monster pets. As Digimon has just come out of a very turbulent era financially, Bandai has a keen interest in polling consumer enthusiasm for different types of products.

Digimon Products Survey
* Indicates required answer.

* Sex

* Age
(Enter the number of years in the box, i.e. "22")

* Prefecture you are currently living in
(The very last option in the dropdown menu is "outside Japan" 日本外国)

* Please tell us what genre of Digimon products you want in the future. (You may select multiple answers)
⬜ Digimon Figures
⬜ (Human) Character Figures
⬜ Reissue of Handheld LCD Games (D-3, D-Ark, etc.)
⬜ Imitation Digivice (Complete Selection Animation series, cosplay toys)
⬜ Reissue of first generation Digital Monster series
⬜ Apparel Items (T-shirts, accessories, etc.)
⬜ Card games
⬜ Nothing in particular
⬜ Other

Of the genres selected above, please specify what kind of items you would like to purchase in the future.

Those who selected "other," please specify.
(Both of these questions require some Japanese skill to answer, but answering is not required for this survey. For those that aren't Japanese literate I've written some semi-generic answers that you can copy and paste in for items that seem to be commonly desired. Don't copy the parts in parentheses, these are just translations so you can tell which one you want to put in.)
Vテイマー01の登場人物フィギュア (V-Tamer 01 Character Figures)
デジモンアドベンチャーの登場人物フィギュア (Digimon Adventure Character Figures)
デジモンアドベンチャー02の登場人物フィギュア (Digimon Adventure 02 Character Figures)
デジモンテーマズの登場人物フィギュア (Digimon Tamers Character Figures)
デジモンフロンティアの登場人物フィギュア (Digimon Frontier Character Figures)
デジモンセイバーズの登場人物フィギュア (Digimon Savers Character Figures)
クロスウォーズの登場人物フィギュア (Xros Wars Character Figures)

(If you want to specify one character in particular, to any of the above you can append the phrase "(とくにXのフィギュア) where X is the Japanese given name of the character. To find a character's name in Japanese, check their profile on Wikimon, look in the Kanji/Kana field and copy+paste the second set of characters (Japanese names on Wikimon are separated by a space, so for example on Yagami Taichi's page out of 八神 太一 the given name is 太一). So your phrase should look something like "デジモンアドベンチャーの登場人物フィギュア (とくに太一のフィギュア)" )

デジモンペンデュラムの復刻版 (Digimon Pendulum reissue)
ディーアークの復刻版 (D-Ark reissue)
ディースキャナの復刻版 (D-Scanner reissue)
デジモンペンデュラムプログレスの復刻版 (Digimon Pendulum Progress reissue)
ペンデュラムXの復刻版 (Pendulum X reissue)
デジモンアクセルの復刻版 (Digimon Accel reissue)
デジヴァイスiCの復刻版 (Digivice iC reissue)
デジヴァイスバーストの復刻版 (Digivice Burst reissue)
デジモンツインの復刻版 (Digimon Twin reissue)
新しい携帯液晶ゲーム機 (A new handheld LCD game device)

(A note for fans of the LCD games: In light of the fact that Bandai specifically included a polling option for a Digital Monster reissue, I would ask anyone asking for reprints of past devices to think carefully before choosing one. Not all of these devices were that great, though if you have a favorite you enjoyed and want to see made new then by all means vote for it. My personal recommendation is to ask for a new device entirely under the "other" response, but among the reprint options my top 2 come from me generally agreeing with NHOKO's review of the LCD games. Pendulum X was the top rated at 9/10, while Digimon Pendulum Progress was given a 7/10. The original Pendulum and Twin were also 7/10, but the Pendulum couldn't battle unless you had two of them and the Twin could only communicate with itself, hence I'm not so impressed by the idea of reprinting them. Most LCD fans I know seem to come to the consensus that Pendulum X was the best thing Bandai's toy department has ever come up with, having both better single player and multiplayer than anything before or after. But that was also twelve years ago--unlike with Tamagotchi there's been zero development of the pets since that time, hence why I suggest asking for a new one entirely.)

* Did you preorder the Complete Selection Animation Digivice (Herafter "CSA Digivice")?
⚪ I preordered it.
⚪ I am planning to preorder it.
⚪ I am not preordering it.

* Where did you hear about the "CSA Digivice"? (You may select multiple answers.)
⬜ Digimon Web
⬜ Premium Bandai (including e-mail newsletter)
⬜ V Jump
⬜ Hobby magazine
⬜ 7/31, 8/1 Digimon Adventure Festival
⬜ Twitter or a Social Networking Site review
⬜ YouTube promotional video
⬜ 9/16, 9/21 Nico Livestream
⬜ News article on the net
⬜ From a celebrity, or celebrity tweets
⬜ Saw it at Tamashii Nations AKIBA Showroom exhibition
⬜ I do/did not know about it
⬜ Other

For those who have reserved the "CSA Digivice": What was the deciding factor in ordering the "CSA Digivice"? (You may select multiple answers.)
⬜ It had the voice of all 8 Digimon.
⬜ It had new recordings of all 8 Digimon's voices.
⬜ Because I wanted to hear "Butter-Fly" and "brave heart."
⬜ Because the color changes from the shell's LED lights.
⬜ Because it reproduces evolution scenes.
⬜ The entirely new shape of the shell.
⬜ Die-cast antenna
⬜ Pearl paint
⬜ Sumi-ire coloring
⬜ Package design
⬜ Because I wanted the Yagami Taichi metal accessory
⬜ The price
⬜ Other

For those that are not reserving the "CSA Digivice:" What was the deciding factor in not buying it? (You may select multiple answers.)
⬜ I was unfamiliar with the contents of the merchandise.
⬜ Because there is no game function.
⬜ Because I already have the reissued "Digivice Ver. 15th."
⬜ Because it's a Digimon Adventure tri. product.
⬜ The price.
⬜ Other.

* Following the "Digivice Ver. 15th," a reissue of the "D-3" is planned, but do you intend to buy the D-3? 
⚪ I am going to buy it.
⚪ I do not know.
⚪ I will not buy it.

Related to the above question of "D-3," please tell us of any reason to buy or not to buy.
(Again, here are a few prewritten answers.)
デジモンアドベンチャー02がすきからD‐3を購入します (Because I like Digimon Adventure 02, I will buy it)
一番好きなデジヴァスから購入します (Because it is my favorite Digivice, I will buy it)
デジモンアドベンチャー02がすきないからD‐3を購入しない (Because I do not like Digimon Adventure 02, I will not buy it)
価格について心配している (I am worried about the price)
「育成要素」がいないから購入しない (Because it does not have "raising elements," I will not buy it)
色がすきない (I do not like the colors)

To those who intend to purchase the "D-3." Which color do you plan to buy? (You may select multiple answers.)
⬜ White/Blue (Motomiya Daisuke colors)
⬜ Black (Ichijouji Ken colors)

Please identify which products you currently own. (You may select multiple answers.) 
Digivice Ver. 15th Series
⬜ S. H. Figuarts Series
⬜ D-Arts Series
⬜ Apparel items (T-shirts, accessories, etc.)
⬜ Tags and crests
⬜ Other Digimon items

To those who answered "Digivice Ver. 15th Series" above. How do you play with it? (You may select multiple answers.)
⬜ Imitation play (i.e. for cosplay, emulating anime characters)
⬜ Play it as a game
⬜ Use it as a decoration
⬜ Other

With regard to the adult anime fans of Bandai's new series "Complete Selection Animation," please let us know if there are items appearing in the anime which you wish to become available as goods.
(Again, this requires Japanese knowledge to answer. I've provided a few answers I thought people might give.)
ミミの帽子(Mimi's hat)
丈の鞄 (Jou's bag)
タケルの帽子 (Takeru's hat)
タケルの帽子(02) (Takeru's hat (02))
太一のテレスコープ  (Taichi's telescope)
大和のハーモニカ (Yamato's harmonica)
ソラの帽子 (Sora's hat)
ソラの髪どめ (Sora's hair clip)

With regards to Digimon products, please let us know of any opinions you have.
(This is such an open-ended question that I can't come up with general answers I think multiple people will want to submit.)

After you're done, click the green button at the bottom of the page to submit your responses. On the next page you'll be asked to confirm your responses at the bottom of the page, and then you'll be done.

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