Saturday, October 17, 2015

Digimon World to Crossover With Adventure tri. Films, Mystery Girl "Luce" Introduced

October 17th, 2015. Anime News Network has published partial scans from the December issue of monthly V Jump magazine, which introduces the two new Digimon World -next 0rder- characters Luce (ルーシュ Ruushu), and Taomon, one of the other Digimon that left Jijimon's village. Luce is a young girl who's lost her memories, but keeps a positive attitude and carries a Numemon doll with her. Luce is pictured next to Dukemon Crimson Mode, who is cut off in ANN's partial scan; the edge of his wings can be seen overlapping with Luce's character artwork.

At this time, there is no verification that Crimson Mode is her partner, which would be strange considering that another character is already partnered to Guilmon.

The issue also states that -next 0rder- will have linked content to Digimon Adventure tri., the upcoming series of Digimon Adventure movie sequels. Exactly what form this content will take is not specified. The first film, Digimon Adventure tri. Reunion will premier on the 21st of next month.

(Note that ANN mistranslates Taomon as a "complete Digimon," but V Jump actually says he's a Perfect-level/Kanzentai Digimon, equivalent to the Digimon dub term "Ultimate.")

Direct translations
「何用で参ったか?人間よ 」
Naniyou de maitta ka? Ningen yo.
"What business have you, defeating me? Human."
A Perfect-level Digimon with mastery over Onmyōdō. (The magical practice of manipulating yin & yang.)

Atashi, bunbun ganbaru!
"I'll buzz buzz my best!"
Although she lost her memory, she's an energetic girl who always carries around a stuffed Numemon.


  1. this is my though seems it confirm they use same artist oh! great for digimon design....only character artist are different guy

    this is just my teori maybe that "luce" maybe a same girl in digimon redigitize decode coz they have same fav "numemon"

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