Sunday, November 29, 2015

9/26 DIGIMADO Digivice Tournament Finals Video

November 29th, 2015. Digimon fan tournament organizer DIGIMADO uploaded the tournament finals video from their September 26th Digivice tournament, showing the top 4 cut from the third 2015 All Digimon Cultural Exchange. The video above shows these games;
Top 4: Re:Hirari (War Greymon) vs Gerumon (Jesmon) (Gerumon 2-1)
Top 4: Gaiou (Pendulum Herakle Kabuterimon) vs Sasakani (Ver. 15th Herakle Kabuterimon) (Sasakani 2-1)
Battle for 3rd place: Re:Hirari (War Greymon) vs Gaiou (Pendulum Herakle Kabuterimon) (Re:Hirari 2-0)
Top 2: Sasakani (Ver. 15th Herakle Kabuterimon) vs Gerumon (Jesmon) (Gerumon 2-0)
The tournament regulations allowed tamers to use Digital Monster Ver. 1~5, Digimon Pendulum 1.0~5.5 and ZERO, original Digivice 1.0 and 2.0 models, Digivice Ver. 15ths, and the Digimon DigiBat series of connecting figures. In order to maintain backwards compatibility with past Digimon toys that use two-pronged connectors, the Ver. 15th has the original Digital Monster rules coded in for when it connects to older pets. Versus other Ver. 15ths the Digivice uses similar rules, but some aspects of it remain undocumented. It's presently unclear if the Ver. 15th actually implements the same Vaccine > Virus > Data > Vaccine attribute triangle commonly found on post-1999 toys, but competing tamers have taken no chances, adopting Jesmon as their tournament pick of choice because of his Data attribute having the greatest number of positive matchups versus the huge number of Vaccine Digimon available.

In the Ver. 15th battle system, each Digimon simultaneously fires four shots, one after another. The first three shots are irrelevant; on the fourth attack one of the Digimon fires two shots, and the Digimon that fired only a single shot loses. This is nearly identical to the Digital Monster rules, where the first three rounds have no impact even though visually the Digimon are shown alternatively dodging or taking attacks.

Originally released as an anniversary item to commemorate Digimon Adventure tri., the Digivice Ver. 15th was later reissued in colors based on the anime series. It is currently set to be succeeded by the D-3 Ver. 15th, which will be available for preorder on December 25th, 2015, as a limited-time item that only 6,000 units of which will be manufactured. Earlier this year, the Premium Bandai web shop surveyed its users for what kinds of toys they would like to see created in the future, with other Digivice and virtual pet reprints as suggested options.


  1. I thought I had seen all the Digimon virtual pets and compatible toys, but I've never heard of "Digimon DigiBat" figures before. I can't seem to find pictures of them anywhere. If they can connect to my Ver 15th Digivice, I kinda want one!

    1. They should be able to connect to the Ver. 15th because they use the same 2-prong connectors, but I'm not certain. On the original Digital Monster pets they register as pretty weak though, as a basic Child-level Digimon. I'll keep an eye out and see if I can find one to post.