Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bandai Publishes Digimon Linkz Trailer

November 24th, 2015. Bandai Namco Entertainment has published a trailer on their official YouTube channel for upcoming smartphone game Digimon Linkz, identical to the video uploaded by V Jump for TGS2015 earlier this year. The game's farm system is derived from the Digimon Story series, with a gashapon machine replacing the standard shops, while its 3-on-3 battle system is partially borrowed from Cyber Sleuth.

Instead of SP, Digimon in Linkz are shown to have AP gauges divided into a fixed number of bars, and the battle menus read (clockise) "ATK, AP2, Activate, AP3" rather than the normal Sleuth menu. The player is also given the option to set the speed of animations in the game while in-battle, while in Sleuth they could only turn the animations on or off in the field.

Digimon Linkz will be available on Android and iOS phones in 2016. Those that preregister for the game will be eligible to receive a special V-mon in-game.

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