Sunday, November 22, 2015

Digimon-Only Event Digital ∞ Infinity To Be Held in January

Last June the for-profit doujinshi market event organizer Studio YOU began scheduling the Digimon series-only event "Digital ∞ Infinity." Set to take place on January 11th, 2016, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM JST, Digital ∞ Infinity will feature 100 spaces rented out to a minimum of 20 different artist circles. These circles will exclusively be selling Digimon series doujin manga, self-published fanmade comics. In addition to the artist circles already committed, Studio YOU is renting out space to any fan circles that are willing to pay the 3500/7000 yen (approx. $30/$60) fee, granting them either one or two spaces (consisting of chairs and half-desk plus entry for three persons) depending on which price they opt for. The event details are projected to be finalized around December 14th, when the deadline for space registration ends.

Tokyo Distribution Center, the scheduled site of the event. Original image uploaded by TRC.
Although the manga will be fanmade, the quality of doujin work is often on par with professional manga. In the past former Digimon series animators and staff have been known to occasionally publish their own doujin at such events, such as Adventure 02 animation director Takeda Yoshihiro. The event was originally going to be held at the Oota City Industrial Plaza PiO, but in early October Studio YOU announced a change of location to the Tokyo Distribution Center (abbreviated as TRC, for Toukyou Ryuutsuu Center). No age limit has been specified on the event; typically minors are able to enter these markets and purchase general audiences doujin, but will be refused the sale of any Restricted-18 works.

The admission fee for consumers attending the market is currently undecided, but attending cosplayers will be charged a 500 yen entry fee for their "cosplay ticket." Additionally, cosplayers are asked not to bring model weapons to the event, change using specified locker rooms rather than the public restrooms, and only take photos within a predetermined "cosplay zone." Video recording on the premises is prohibited.

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