Friday, November 27, 2015

Digimon Reference Book: Valvemon

The Digimon Reference Book profile for November 27th, 2015, is Valvemon. A translation is provided below; you may use it freely on forums, wikis, etc. so long as you link back to or cite this page.

Level: Perfect/完全体
Type: Machine/マシーン型
Attribute: Data/データ
Special Move: Mad Pump/マッドポンプ
Octagon Attack/オクタゴンアタック
Profile: A Machine-type Digimon which boasts the greatest size among all vehicular Digimon. Within its body it can transport a load of as many as 40 Digimon, carrying them to strategic points. While in transit, it only has the power to repel enemy attacks. Its special move is to send out one soldier after another, "Mad Pump."


The Digimon Reference Book is Bandai's official bible on the various Digimon species, first launched in 2007 and now comprising over seven hundred different Digimon out of the thousand-plus species that exist. It updates weekly with new Digimon profiles. Last week's profile was Nise Drimogemon.  

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