Monday, December 28, 2015

Cyber Sleuth LP on Hiatus

This is likely an announcement everyone following it already figured out, but Tamer Union's Cyber Sleuth Let's Play is on hiatus until the official localization comes out in February. There was a point in time where it would have been possible to continue with a weekly schedule, but various mistakes on my part made that no longer practical. I have already finished my playthrough of the game in Japanese, and currently I'm redirecting my energy to composing a comprehensive review of it to advise potential buyers of the English translation, as well as to writing more about the game's ranked multiplayer mode.

I'm glad to have generated interest in the game, and I recommend it to everyone that's followed the LP so far. I considered doing a playthrough of the Japanese Digimon Story in the meantime, but as there's only a little over thirty days remaining until Cyber Sleuth hits in English, this would be ill advised.

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  1. wohoooo~ bandai entertainment asia announce physical copy for ps4 and psvita~~~!! for digimon story cyber sleuth!