Monday, December 14, 2015

Digimon Adventure tri. Tote Bags Available at Comiket 89

December 14th, 2015. Bandai Fashion Net posted several upcoming products that will be available at Comiket 89 from December 29th to 31st. Alongside the previously-announced Virus Agumon plush toy, four types of tote bags and microfiber mini towelettes featuring the cast of Digimon Adventure tri. will be available as a set for 3000 yen (under $25 at the current exchange rate). The designs feature Ishida Yamato, Yagami Taichi, Tachikawa Mimi, and Takenouchi Sora, each with their respective partner Digimon. Labeled "Digimon Adventure tri. ZZZ With My Friend Tote Bags," the collection is part of Bandai's overall goal of targeting older female consumers with new Digimon merchandise.

Like with the Virus Agumon plush, the collection is very limited. 200 sets of tote bags and mini towelettes will be sold at Comiket 89, with 100 more being sold through the Premium Bandai web shop.

Comiket (an abbreviation of "Comic Market") is an annual doujinshi fair, where unofficial manga drawn by fanartists are sold alongside official products. Doujin events of this type are tolerated by large companies like Bandai and Toei because of a combination of factors; the fans typically operate at a loss when going to the event, with more than 50% of fanartists losing money by selling their work, and the events have an important role in cultivating fanbases that will be receptive to buying official merchandise. The success of doujin markets as an advertising tactic has even lead to corporate organization of these markets and other conventions, as seen in the Digimon-only event Digital ∞ Infinity organized by Studio YOU.

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