Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Digimon Linkz Introduces Navigator Kurihara Hina

December 9th, 2015. The official Digimon Linkz homepage updated today with a modified version of its previous announcement regarding the game's delay to 2016. The new version of the announcement introduces the game's navigator, Kurihara Hina (栗原ひな) who is designed by freelance illustrator Okada Anmitsu. The update also adds a new introduction for Linkz;
The Digital World, a place where the data of the real world ends up.
Within that world live the Digital Monsters, also called "Digimon."
Digimon Linkz is an application that connects the real world to a different one, the Digital World.
This story begins when you take Digimon Linkz into your hands.
Everything is connected, Digimon Linkz.
Over 50,000 users have currently preregistered for Linkz, which will be available on both Android and iOS. Those that preregister during the ongoing Start Dash campaign will receive a special V-mon and 20 Digistones in-game.

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  1. so in other word might be like digimon "vpet" like if that they intension wow i hope this game will be successful...