Friday, December 11, 2015

Digimon Reference Book: Blue Meramon

The Digimon Reference Book profile for December 12th, 2015, is Blue Meramon. A translation is provided below; you may use it freely on forums, wikis, etc. so long as you link back to or cite this page.

Level: Perfect/完全体
Type: Flame/火炎型
Attribute: Virus/ウィルス
Special Move: Ice Phantom/アイスファントム
Cold Flame/コールドフレイム
Profile: A Flame Digimon that burns with flames even hotter than the Adult-level Meramon's. Its special move is to scald the enemy with supercooled cold waves, "Ice Phantom."


The Digimon Reference Book is Bandai's official bible on the various Digimon species, first launched in 2007 and now comprising over seven hundred different Digimon out of the thousand-plus species that exist. It updates weekly with new Digimon profiles. Last week's profile was Hookmon.  

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