Friday, December 18, 2015

Full Color Ishida Yamato & Garurumon G.E.M. Figure Leaked at Jump Festa 2016

Original image uploaded by @mega_girlshobby
December 19th, 2015. Representatives of figure news outlet Mega Hobby have leaked photographs of the upcoming G.E.M. Series Digimon Adventure Ishida Yamato & Garurumon figure, revealing that the figure will go out in July 2016, priced at 9,800 yen (approximately $81 at the current exchange rate). Reservations for the figure will open up on December 25th. An unpainted sculpt of the figure had previously been leaked late last November at the Mega Hobby 2015 Expo.

The G.E.M. Series is a line of high quality figures aimed at young adult women, featuring characters from popular anime and manga series. The G.E.M. Series has most recently featured Wizarmon and Tailmon from Digimon Adventure, which has been one of MegaHouse's most popular G.E.M. Series franchises since it became a part of the line in January 2014. Past Adventure G.E.M. figures include multiple versions of Takaishi Takeru and Yagami Hikari with the various forms of their Digimon partners, repeated reissues of Yamato and Taichi, and other members of the Chosen Children.

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