Friday, December 18, 2015

-next 0rder- Will Let You Have an Agumon & Gabumon Voiced by Their Original Actors

December 19th, 2015. The official -next 0rder- title site updated with information on the game's preorder DLC, revealing that the special pair of Digitama that tamers will be able to download contains a talking Agumon and Gabumon voiced by Sakamoto Chika and Yamaguchi Mayumi, the original Japanese voices of those Digimon from the 1999-2000 Digimon Adventure.

The DLC Digitama follow a special fixed evolution path, rather than evolving differently depending on how the player raises them. Agumon's path proceeds through the traditional Botamon > Koromon >Agumon > Greymon > Wargreymon line, with the Agumon-up stages voiced by Sakamoto. Gabumon evolves through Botamon > Tsunomon > Gabumon > Were Garurumon > Metal Garurumon, likewise being voiced from Child level and above. However, these versions of the characters are not fully evolved when they reach War Greymon and Metal Garurumon; they can be further Jogressed into an Ultimate-level Omegamon, which is jointly voiced by Sakamoto and Yamaguchi simultaneously. (This is why the Metal Greymon and standard Garurumon stages are absent from their lines.) Omegamon can also be made to appear through ExE-volution using the special War Greymon & Metal Garurumon.

In addition to a copy of the 1999 Digimon World soundtrack, those that preorder the game will get two original themes, "ver. Nostalgic" and "ver. Dot." Theme ver. Dot features a montage of original Digimon LCD sprites, while theme ver. Nostalgic turns the screen into the layout of a Digital Monster virtual pet. Each theme comes in two variants, black and blue for ver. Dot, and blue and red for ver. Nostalgic.

The preorder DLC also includes an item set, the "training Start Dash set," containing items used to enhance the effects of training on a Digimon's stats, as well as to 30 pieces of Big Meat to feed one's Digimon. Each item lasts for 6 in-game hours, and increases the impact of training on a stat by 1.2x. There are three items; the Challenge Carrot buffs increases to MP and Offense, Sakura Bird Radish to HP and Speed, and the Hidden Onion to Defense and Brains.

Finally, those that preorder will also receive evolution items that will unlock Susanoomon, Omegamon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Dukemon, and Shine Greymon in the game. By speaking with the Poyomon in Jijimon's house responsible for the Different Dimension Box, the player can receive specific Core items for each Digimon;
Omegamon - Strongest Cavalry Core (最騎核)
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode - Imperial War Core (帝闘核)
Dukemon - Spear Cavalry Core (槍騎核)
Susanoomon - Contract Speed Core (建速核)
Shine Greymon - Sunshine Core (陽光核)
These are consumable items which disappear on use. While it hasn't been explained whether their effects are immediate or if they only make it possible to evolve with that Digimon, their description is very similar to the classic evolutions items in Digimon World that would instantly evolve one's partner into a different Digimon.

These various announcements and the most recent trailer have already garnered strong reactions in Japan, with some fans prematurely labeling it a "god-tier game" (神ゲー kami gē) in the same ranks as Final Fantasy VII, Super Smash Bros., and the original Digimon World. The inclusion of both Frontier and Xros Wars Digimon has sparked a massive positive response on the Japanese side; speculative numbers put -next 0rder- at including more than 300 unique Digimon, potentially 400, while Cyber Sleuth only sported 240 in its roster.

Digimon World -next 0rder- will launch in Japan on March 17th, 2016, for the PlayStation Vita. It will retail for 6,800 yen.


  1. hope got someone test the demo and give some thought what did he think while playing trial for digimon world next order.....overall awesome nice we had special egg for agumon and gabumon with their own voice over!!!

  2. You might want to add that you can actually listen to some of the tracks (samples) over

    I actually totally overlooked it the first time. It's really nice, they sound sorta "remastered" to me too. It's great anyways.

    1. I think those weren't up yet when I first looked at the page. They do sound nice, like they've been reinstrumented, but I guess you can't really say "reinstrumented" when there aren't any real instruments in it to begin with.

  3. Some additions to the jogress system taken from the main site:

    Jogress will become possible by progressing through the main game.
    -> Interesting that this is mentioned since it would mean that Jogress and ExE-Volution are two separate systems. Unti now I assumed it would be the same.

    Also, by using the Digitama above, and triggering ExE, you can fight with a custom and special Omegamon.
    -> Also an interesting sentence. As this means there is also the standard version which would not feature the voice acting. A small detail but it didn't occur to me in that article :)

    Also while the route is fixed there was this interesting sentence:

    When you use various evolution items on the above, they
    will go a different evolution route.
    -> So it IS possible to alter the apparently "fixed" route, which I found quite interesting :)

    Most interesting and most confusing to me:

    Once you select those Digitama , you won't be able to select them again until you clear the main game...
    -> Does that mean those specific Digitama (with the VA) or does that mean Agumon/Gabumon Digitams in general? Quite confusing that one... I personally would assume it means only the VA ones but hell knows right?

    1. woah this really interesting!? im also wonder if we use that main digimon agumon and gabumon that has voice over ..will they die in game when times come?