Thursday, January 7, 2016

Digimon Plush Toys and Merch at the Digimon Celebration in Pittsburgh, Rumble Tournaments

January 7th, 2016. Fan event organizer Digimon World Tour reports that their first vendor of the Digimon Celebration event in Pittsburgh has signed on. Artist duo Ramen Bento will be joining the Celebration, selling Digimon magnets, stickers, art prints, and plush toys.

World Tour has further expanded on their previous announcement of Rumble tournaments at the Celebration; the organization is currently gauging interest in each game, to help determine which Rumble Arena games should have tournaments organized for that day. Currently All-Star Rumble is on the table, as the most recent and most accessible of the Digimon fighters. While tamers have been asked to bring their Digivices and virtual pets, any competitions for those toys will have to be organized the day of. No tournaments for the virtual pets can be guaranteed by World Tour due to their relative rarity.

Digimon Celebration will take place at the Victory Pointe gaming lounge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 6th, 2016. Tamer Union will be traveling to provide on-site coverage of the event. The event is being organized through Facebook, and currently 50 persons have committed to going. 13 others are "interested," and 277 invited.


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