Friday, January 1, 2016

Digimon Reference Book: Catch Mamemon

The Digimon Reference Book profile for December 25th, 2015, is Catch Mamemon. A translation is provided below; you may use it freely on forums, wikis, etc. so long as you link back to or cite this page.

Level: Perfect/完全体
Type: Mutant/突然変異型
Attribute: Data/データ
Special Move: Magic Arm/マジックアーム
Miracle Bomb/ミラクルボム
Profile: A mutant-type Digimon that evolved from Mamemon by fusing with file management software data. With its serious personality it can be inflexible at times, and seems to believe its mission is to manage the Digitama. It can also walk around using its arm sections as legs, without floating.

Its Special Move is to catch the Digimon that try to take its Digitama, transforming them with a mysterious power into stuffed animals unable to fight back, "Magic Arm." Additionally, at the moment of capture when the roulette stops on Three Sevens it activates "Miracle Bomb," an attack which transforms the captured Digimon into a bomb. It's said that the bomb's power is proportionate to the strength of the Digimon it captured.

マメモンがファイル管理ソフトのデータと融合し進化した突然変異型デジモン。まじめな性格で融通が利かない所があり、デジタマを管理する事を使命だと思っ ているらしい。アーム部分を足にして浮遊せずに歩く事も出来る。必殺技は、デジタマに手を出そうとするデジモンをキャッチし、抵抗出来ないように不思議な 力でヌイグルミ化して運ぶ『マジックアーム』。また、キャッチした時にルーレットが回転しスリーセブンが揃うと発動する『ミラクルボム』は、捕まえたデジ モンを爆弾に変えて攻撃する。その威力は捕まえたデジモンの強さに比例すると、いわれている。

The Digimon Reference Book is Bandai's official bible on the various Digimon species, first launched in 2007 and now comprising over seven hundred different Digimon out of the thousand-plus species that exist. It updates weekly with new Digimon profiles. Last week's profile was Suijinmon.

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