Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Key Art for Digimon Linkz's Kurihara Hina Shown in AppliSoft

A spread from the December 28th issue of AppliSoft magazine uncovered by Japanese Digimon fan @morimoriurf over January 9th revealed new key art of Digimon Linkz navigator Kurihara Hina hatching a Botamon. The upcoming smartphone game will be focus on raising Digimon to have 3-on-3 battles, and will be available both in the App Store and on Google Play.

The issue confirms that Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, Gabumon, Gomamon, Tailmon, Gaomon, V-mon, Guilmon, Kuwagamon, Scumon, Diablomon, Monzaemon, and Hackmon will all be available in the game, but no concrete launch date has been set as of yet.

Linkz was originally announced for a 2015 launch, but was delayed due to production issues. More than fifty thousand people have preregistered for the game, and as part of its promotional campaign Bandai has set up a special LINE messaging account for it that sends information about the game to users' phones.

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