Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cherubimon Vice's Support Skill is "Evil Heart"

The Support Skill of the international-exclusive Cherubimon Vice is Evil Heart, which increases the amount of SP received from absorption effects by 30%. Evil Heart is a Skill essentially designed for the game's multiplayer mode, where SP restoration is rare and precious. Conventional methods are to use Lilithmon's Lust to gain back SP every time a Digimon receives a physical attack, or Marine Angemon's Ocean Love to recover 5% SP every turn. Vice instead amplifies the effects of the ever-popular Physical Drain and Spirit Drain, which restore 10% of the damage they deal as SP to the user. This causes Phys/Spirit Drain to exceed Ocean Love for Spirit efficiency, albeit with a higher memory cost attached to Vice and limited utility outside of those specific Skills.

Vice's Special Skill is Lightning Spear, which costs 40 SP, is of the Electric element, and deals piercing damage. Lightning Spear hits twice and has an increased chance to score a critical hit.

Cherubimon (Vice)
Attributes: Virus-Dark
Memory Use: 20
Level 1 Base Stats
HP 900 SP 125
ATK 55 INT 160
DEF 50 SPD 95

His stats are identical to those seen in Bandai's stream early last December--the discrepancy between his base stats and the in-game image above comes from a combination of farm training and his Brainy Personality, which is boosting his Intelligence in the screenshot by 5%.


  1. im so late in the event i had chance to play this game on this thursday.and Touya will you collect all info about review for this game from every reviewer? maybe compared between them?

    it take for a while i guess and seems the sale in UK DSCS on ranking 11 for first week release

    1. also uk sale ranking for DSCS