Tuesday, February 9, 2016

D-3 Ver. 15th Digivice Paildramon Special Edition Announced

February 9th, 2016. The Premium Bandai web shop updated tonight with a surprise product in stock; the D-3 Ver. 15th Digivice Paildramon Color. As with the original D-3 Ver. 15th--which will be sent out this June--the Paildramon Color Ver. 15th will be produced in only limited quantities, fixed at 3,000 units. Preorders will open on March 11th at 11:00 AM Japanese Standard Time, and the final product will be shipped out to buyers in July 2016. The price is identical to preceding D-3 Ver.15ths, 9,990 JPY. (About $90 at present exchange rates.)

The previous twin black and blue models of D-3 sold out just six days after preorders opened. As P-Bandai only sells directly to Japanese buyers, international fans will have to go through a middleman service to purchase the Digivice.

The D-3 Ver. 15th has connectivity with 2014-15's Digivice Ver. 15th, unlocking a special message by connecting with the toy, and can further battle with the original D-3, Digivice, Digimon Pendulum, and Digital Monster series.


  1. I have money now, so not missing this one unlike the others! I'm sure they will restock them since they keep selling out, and got 5 more movies coming out still. I'll have to see if any middleman service will place the order as it goes live.

  2. Really wish Bandai would release this in the West. But I guess demand just isn't high enough. :(