Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dianamon Has No Entry in the English Cyber Sleuth's Field Guide (Vita & PS4)

Dianamon is normally #195 in Cyber Sleuth, but is nowhere to be found in either version of the English localization.
February 3rd, 2016. Soon after Cyber Sleuth's North American launch yesterday, it was uncovered that several voiced dialogues in the English localization were absent from the Vita version of the game, along with a line of DLC quests and the unlockable Dianamon. Barring closer examination of the dialogue sequences, at this time the missing voice tracks seem to be confined specifically to chapters 4 through 6. Further reports from players across GameFAQs, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit have attested that Dianamon and the quests to unlock her are not available in some copies of the PlayStation 4 version of Cyber Sleuth. As between physical and digital there are currently several versions of Cyber Sleuth for each system in circulation, exactly what content is missing on each version of the game has not been concretely established.

The first of the purple DLC quests, which have been available on some PS4 copies of Cyber Sleuth.
At least one individual has reported that the purple DLC quests were available in their physical PS4 copy of the game, though many more have attested otherwise. YouTube user RespDMO showed the first of the Mirei quests being played on their PS4 copy. Thus far no one has reported Dianamon being available. While the Digimon was shown in one of Bandai US' official English Cyber Sleuth streams prior to launch, her entry in the in-game Field Guide (#195) is skipped in both Vita and PS4 versions. The Field Guide goes from 194 to 196, with no space between them. Additionally, some players have been unable to utilize the cross-save features between the PS4 and Vita versions.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has not yet made any public statements on these issues. Some fans have been quick to put the blame on the company, tying the difficult launch to old wounds involving the Vita version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song. The exact origin of theses problem is currently uncertain. Whether the absence of the quests and Dianamon is a bug or intentional is still unclear; Bandai may have intended for the missing Digimon and its line of DLC quests to be made available later, though some users being able to access those quests on PS4 versions of Sleuth contradicts this.


  1. Well I guess it is a good thing at least some people have access too it, means its more likely a bug messing up the DLC quest, then Bamco just being too lazy to localize it.

  2. Do you know if Dianamon and the DLC quests are available in the European version??

  3. I want to see my beautiful Sayo voiced by AiM :(