Friday, February 19, 2016

Digimon Dub Composer Paul Gordon Dead at 52

Original image uploaded by Jennifer Nettles.
On February 18th, 2016, Digimon: Digital Monsters dub theme composer Paul Christian Gordon died in Nashville after battling with an unstated illness. He was 52 years old. Having composed soundtracks for Saban's dubs of Digimon and Power Rangers, he also played for the B-52s from 2007 until his death. His works for Digimon include the DigiRap used in Digimon: The Movie, Hey Digimon used in the film and Adventure dub, and the Digital Monsters main theme used in the first three seasons.

The news was broken by country singer Jennifer Nettles over Instagram; Gordon had been touring with Nettles' band in January. Gordon is survived by his wife, Jennifer Lysak Gordon, and his two sons.