Thursday, February 11, 2016

English Subbed Digimon Linkz 2/11 Trailer

February 11th, 2016. In today's Tokuban Adventure livestream a new two minute trailer for the 2016 smartphone game Digimon Linkz was shown to the public. Above is Tamer Union's subbed recording of the trailer. The trailer shows off the game's two main gameplay components, raising Digimon on a DigiFarm not unlike in the Digimon Story series, and engaging in three-on-three battles against both computer and human opponents.

Linkz was originally announced for a 2015 launch, but was delayed tp 2016 due to production issues. More than fifty thousand people have preregistered for the game, and as part of its promotional campaign Bandai has set up a special LINE messaging account for it that sends information about the game to users' phones.


  1. haha2 they reuse music from re:digitize, but i like it.. love some of digimon world redigitzie ost

  2. lol so many re:digitize music remix