Thursday, February 11, 2016

New -next 0rder- Screenshots Tease Dialogue Samples, NPC Shoutmon

Woodmon: "Those that lack Rosemon-sama's permission will not pass! Hurry and get out!"
February 12th, 2016. The official Digimon World -next 0rder- title site published four new screenshots, each showing a line of dialogue from the various Digimon the player meets in the game. Of note is that the final screenshot shows an NPC Shoutmon in the village of Flowtier. This is Shoutmon's first appearance in a World game, and until now he was only shown to be a raisable Digimon with no storyline role. English translations are provided below.

Grap Leomon: "...Hm...With this, at last I can go to Leomon's aid..."
Galgomon: "Ohh, Shiki, you came!"
Shoutmon: "It's fine if I sing real loud here, yeah? I want everyone to listen to my song!"
Digimon World -next 0rder- will launch in Japan March 17th, 2016, on the PlayStation Vita for 6,980 yen (7,539 JPY after tax). It is the latest entry in the World series, succeeding directly from Re:Digitize Decode on the 3DS, Re:Digitize on the PSP, and World on the PSX. Tying into Digimon Adventure tri., the game will feature Maicoomon as free downloadable content.

Those that preorder the game will get access to five special DLC Digimon, a remastered copy of the 1999 Digimon World soundtrack, and two original Vita themes, "ver. Nostalgic" and "ver. Dot." Theme ver. Dot features a montage of original Digimon LCD sprites, while theme ver. Nostalgic turns the screen into the layout of a Digital Monster virtual pet.


  1. Replies
    1. I think Grap Leomon actually says
      "With this I can finally go and help Leomon" (go to Leomons aid)

      Because of the 行ける and I also think it makes more sense in the context...

    2. and this is why I shouldn't be translating late in the night :V

    3. Don't worry man, been there :D

  2. And sorry again but I think " Everyone wants to hear my song!" is actually supposed to be "I want everyone to listen to my song"->

    1. that sounds good to say if that digimon had voice

  3. Anyone else notice the Shinegreymon (maybe) in the background of the first screenshot.