Monday, March 14, 2016

Fans Defeat Mugendramon in Online Battle to Save War Greymon

Over March 3rd, 2016, the official Digimon World -next 0rder- title site updated its Twitter campaign with a new special battle; in order to defeat the Mugendramon that War Greymon had mutated into back in February, fans needed to cheer on a new partner Digimon, Metal Garurumon, and reach 20,000 "0rder Points." (Referring to the titular game mechanic.) By the 14th tamers had reached that point; after its defeat Mugendramon reverted to War Greymon, and Metal Garurumon fused with it to become Omegamon.

Fans unlocked a special in-game evolution item to evolve their partner into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode as free DLC. (Available from March 17th, 2016, until April 17th, 2016.) The 0rder Point counter was then replaced with the phrase '"ExE" Activate!' (“ExE”発動 "ExE" Hatsudou!)

Digimon World -next 0rder- will launch in Japan March 17th, 2016, on the PlayStation Vita for 6,980 yen (7,539 JPY after tax). It is the latest entry in the World series, succeeding directly from Re:Digitize Decode on the 3DS, Re:Digitize on the PSP, and World on the PSX. Tying into Digimon Adventure tri., the game will feature Maicoomon as free downloadable content.

Those that preorder the game will get access to five special DLC Digimon, a remastered copy of the 1999 Digimon World soundtrack, and two original Vita themes, "ver. Nostalgic" and "ver. Dot." Theme ver. Dot features a montage of original Digimon LCD sprites, while theme ver. Nostalgic turns the screen into the layout of a Digital Monster virtual pet

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