Friday, April 15, 2016

Digimon World -next 0rder- Coming to Taiwan in June, No PS4 Port

April 15th, 2016. Bandai Namco Entertainment Taiwan announced that the PlayStation Vita game Digimon World -next 0rder- will be coming to the island country on June 9th, 2016. Like Cyber Sleuth, which Taiwan got a translation of ahead of western gamers in November 2015, the game currently appears to be in undubbed Japanese but with traditional Chinese subtitles and in-game text.  But unlike Sleuth, the game will exclusively be brought over on the PlayStation Vita, with no PlayStation 4 port having been announced. No word has been given as to whether or not -next 0rder- will be coming to English-speaking countries; previously Sleuth debuted in North America and Europe about 70 days after it did in Taiwan.

This is a key localization for Bandai, as it marks the first time in over seventeen years that a World game has been localized in Chinese. Initial screenshots already show successful implementation of Chinese text in gameplay, suggesting that progress on the translation has been ongoing for some time. Bandai Taiwan reuploaded one of the game's primary official trailers to YouTube, which is in Chinese-subtitled Japanese. Unlike Bandai of Japan, Taiwan has chosen to present the title as -Next Order- online, whereas other sources like @Digimon_game use -next 0rder-.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ver.1.02 Digimon World -next 0rder- Patch Fixes Bugs, Online Mode

April 14th, 2016. The official Digimon World -next 0rder- title site added the game's long-awaited ver.1.02 update today, a massive update containing  numerous bugfixes and modifications to the gameplay. Tamers can make use of the postgame scenario teased last month after bringing the overall maximum Prosperity rating for Floatia over 100, after recruiting Scumon, Numemon, and Platinum Numemon. The update also revises the Different Dimension Box in Jijimon's House to allow tamers to battle online using their in-game LCD virtual pets three times per day. (Previously, they could only battle once per day.) The number of building materials that can be retained has also gone up, from 100 to 200.

The bugs remedied by 1.02 are as follows;
  • Tamers being sent outside the boundaries of the map after battling in Logic Volcano.
  • One of the partner Digimon's lifespans drastically increasing without respect to the other
  • Random disabling of the "Go to bed" option while camping.
  • Digimon LCD sprites not displaying when inflicted with the Flat status effect (which reduces the Digimon to an LCD sprite)
  • A bug preventing players from claiming two copies of the same item as a post-battle drop. 
  • Various other issues.
After updating, the title screen will switch from daytime to dusk, and the game's version number will update on the lower right-hand corner.