Thursday, May 19, 2016

V Jump Announces Digimon Universe, D-Ark Ver. 15th, TCG, Possible Maicoomon Evolution in -next 0rder-

05/20/2016 Update: An official site for Universe is live.

May 19th, 2016. An early leak of this month's issue of V Jump magazine posted by @white4527 confirms the information previously published by Alternator, that a new collaboration project between Bandai, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Toei Animation called Digimon Universe Applimonsters (デジモン Universe アプリモンスターズ Dejimon Unibaasu Apurimonsutaazu, also translated as App Monsters) will be coming in 2016. A second page posted by @kouniko25252 discusses merchandise celebrating the ongoing fifteenth anniversary of Digimon Tamers, primarily a newly-announced D-Ark Ver. 15th Digivice.

More information on Universe will become available at this year's 2016 Tokyo Toy Show on June 9th. The current teaser image features the face of a new Digimon and a magnifying glass, as well as a number of smartphone-style apps. This page states that Universe will be a hobby, game, and TV anime project, which matches Alternator's description. The page's copyright attributes its content to the "Appmon Project." (アプモンプロジェクト)

The D-Ark Ver. 15th will feature two new Digimon not found in the original models, Megidramon and Sakuyamon Miko Mode. It will come in two colors, Matsuda Takato (red) and Makino Ruki (blue). Additionally, a "Digimon Card Special BOX" has been announced, containing a new Digimon Card Game D-Ark Ver. 15th Edition derived from the original Hyper Colosseum TCG used in Tamers.

These will both be Premium Bandai web shop items, and will be available for preorder July 22nd, going out in January 2017. The Special BOX will cost 6000 yen plus sales tax, while the D-Ark's price has not been announced. All previous Ver. 15th Digivices cost 9990 yen prior to tax.

The issue also covers the upcoming Beelzebumon Blast Mode and Makino Rukino G.E.M. figures, which now have determined prices. Blast Mode with an accompanying Impmon figure will cost 13,200 yen prior to tax (about $130 US) and Ruki with Renamon will cost 6800 yen prior to tax. (About $70 US.)
Finally, another image posted by @white4517 reveals that yet another update for Digimon World -next 0rder- will allow tamers to raise an "unknown Digimon" in Digimon World -next 0rder-. This "mysterious new Digimon" can be raised after clearing a new scenario, and will be available for download beginning in June. While the Digimon is not named, the profile image is similar to the Maicoomon evolution teased in the second chapter of Digimon Adventure tri. Seeing as Maicoomon was already made DLC previously, it's probable that this is her evolution. Additionally, the official V Jump Books Digimon World -next 0rder- Official Guidebook will be reprinted at 1300 yen.


  1. like every fans speculate might be take place in world of technology using apps, so we gonna see digidestined using, iphone,android and microsoft lumia? haha2

    i already expect all returning "digivice" on every franchise...gotta prepare lots of money for card and d-ark i guess :P

    btw RIP Sora Digimon Adventure VA.... she always sounds like mature girl...

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