Wednesday, June 29, 2016

“A Story That’s Digimon, Yet Not Digimon:” Staff Commentary on Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

The official Appli Monsters portal site currently hosts a small collection of Japanese-language commentary from those working on the TV anime. Featuring remarks by the director, series composer, character designer and producer, these comments drop several hints as to the themes and key idea of Appmon. Their statements are translated below.

Series Director, Koga Gou:
"It's been 17 years since Digimon Adventure! Right now digital technology is indispensable to our daily lives, and perhaps artificial intelligence will exceed humanity's abilities. Is that a good thing? A scary thing?

To the children living in the "now," I want to convey an exciting adventure story of a new "current" Digimon = Appmon. Please look forward to it!"

Series Composer, Katou Yoichi:
"Artifical Intelligence is a key point to this work, it's a very hot subject that's jumping into the news every day. I want to look at it freely, laugh, and while a hot story's there, give meaning to this current era, to see the meaning there. The protagonist Haru and his friends obtain Appli Drives and meet Appmon, and in each of their lives take important steps forward. Kindness is the key to everything. We gathered the perfect staff for this work beginning with supervisor Koga and producer Nagatomi, and the screenplay team. I'm very much looking forward to it!"

Character Designer, Onuki Kenichi:
"When I first saw Haru's rough draft, I said "It's good!" and felt relieved right away.

This is my first time working for Toei, but it's not just the scenery, it's the various duties and discussions that make me look forward to working on this. There's still a little time until the broadcast, so I'm going to do my best."

Producer, Nagatomi Daichi:
"'A story that's Digimon, yet not Digimon.'

That's Appli Monsters. I want both people that already love Digimon, and those that are seeing it for the first time, to please get swallowed up in Haru and Gatchmon's story. (Laughs)

The keywords are "Digimon," "Smartphones," "AI," and "Appli Monster." Look forward to it going on air!"

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  1. My main hope is that traditional Digimon appear and not only Appmon.