Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Appmon Voice Actor is A Longtime Digimon Fan

06/29/16 Update: We now have the profiles for Karan Emi and Dokamon with additional cast commentary, as well as staff commentary on Appmon as a whole.

June 28th, 2016. Toei's portal site for the upcoming TV anime Digimon Universe Appli Monsters added a character page today, featuring the protagonist Shinkai Haru, his Buddy Appmon Gatchmon, and the Appli Drive Digivice. In addition, the page contains brief commentary by the seiyuu for each character. Haru's actress Uchiyama Yumi (28) revealed in her comments that she's been a fan of Digimon since her school days, much like contemporary actress Han Megumi. Meanwhile Gatchmon's actress Kikuchi Kokoro (33) previously worked on Digimon Savers and Xros Wars, respectively voicing Daimon Masaru's little sister Chika, and Sparrowmon.

The character profiles and cast commentary are translated below.

Shinkai Haru
Voice: Uchiyama Yumi
"I'll do it! I'll become a true hero!"
The protagonist, a 13-year-old first-year middle school student with a kind and gentle personality. He has a strong-hearted side to him, deciding things based on his own opinions. Loves to read, and longs to be the hero of his own story. His Buddy Appmon is Gatchmon.

Cast comments
Shinkai Haru's Voice, Uchiyama Yumi:
"When I was told I would be playing Haru, I had a feeling like finally being able to see a long-held dream. I was in a daze the day I found out, but during the PV recording this feeling of "This isn't a dream!!" happily welled up. During the audition I was impressed by the staff's passion for this work, so I'm truly happy to also help out!!

To play the protagonist of the series I've loved to watch ever since I was a student, my heart is beating so fast and loudly with all its might, but I'll use all my power to play Haru, so everyone please look forward to it!!"

Uchiyama Yumi's Profile
Born October 30th. Part of Arts Vision. Major works include DokiDoki! PreCure (DB) Nisekoi (Miyamoto Ruri) Bakuon!! (Amano Onsha) Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Puck) and others.

Voice: Kikuchi Kokoro
"I'll look up your future!"
Haru's Buddy Appmon. Has the power of a search application. He's a bit of a showoff, but with his search ability he can uncover various information. His favorite food is 'Gatch Monaka'. (Monaka is a type of Japanese dessert made from bean jam and mochi wafers.)

Cast comments
Gatchmon's Voice, Kikuchi Kokoro:
"When I received the news about the Gatchmon decision, on the other side of the phone my manager was panicking "They don't even know your name and age!!"  Listening to the decision, I also no longer knew my own name and age...I was dumbfounded...I was nervous, but from then on overwhelmed with happy feelings. A little while after the broadcast began, I was happy imagining kids playing make-believe Appmon...Now my heart pounds waiting for the day we do postrecording!"

Kikuchi Kokoro's Profile
Born November 9th. Part of the Kenyuu Office. Major works include HeartCatch PreCure! (Potpourri) Negibouzo no Asatarou (Komomo) Calimero (Giuliano) and others.

Appli Drive
A super important item used to materialize Appmon.

Cast comments
Appli Drive's Voice, Takagi Wataru:
"I'm very honored to be part of the latest work in the historic Digimon series, Appli Monsters! We're creating toys that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, developed alongside the airing anime. I put in a voice to convey a feeling of maximum tension in every monster! Please enjoy it with me, everyone! I'm also looking forward to the broadcast from here!!"

Takagi Wataru's Profile
Born July 25th. Part of Arts Vision. Major works include Detective Konan (Kojima Genta) One Piece (Bellamy) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Nijimura Keiichiro) and others.


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