Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Appmon Plush Toys on Sale in October

The text reads 監修中 kanshuuchu "under revision." Images not final.
July 5th, 2016. Import store AmiAmi added eight new Appmon-themed products to its preorder list, with a release date of October 2016. First up is a line of four small plush toys featuring Gatchmon, Dokamon, Musimon, and Hackmon. Each of these is listed at 1620 yen, but a 20% discount during the preorder period puts them down to 1290 yen. (About $12.68 at the current exchange rate.)

Keychain mockup.
Gatchmon will also be available as a mid-sized plush for 3240 yen. (2590 after the discount) Finally, three keychains featuring Gatchmon, Dokamon, and Hackmon are also available at a list price of 972 yen, 770 after the discount.


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