Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Appmon Profile Translation: Biomon

3D model ripped & rendered by Theigno.
No. 106 Biomon/バイオモン
Grade: Ultimate/極
Attribute: Life
Special Move: Nadel Blaze/ナーデルブレイズ
Evolution: Medicmon + Docmon
Profile: "A physician whose reputation is such that it's said, 'There are no patients Biomon cannot cure.' For he who knows everything there is to know about living things, surgery and the like are child's play."


This profile is translated from Digimon Universe Appmonsters: Cyber Arena on the Nintendo 3DS. The 3D model also comes from Cyber Arena.


  1. one day we gonna see appmon digimonmon! a digimon vpet apps!

  2. Touya could you do the translation of Mienumon's profile?? =)

  3. Digimon collectors can definitely relate with this character. Even the collectors from are very excited to read about the different appmon profile of each digimon characters.

  4. I'm serious are you guys okay? ^^;

  5. Competitive Digimon is possible now with the Ver 20th. Let's make it happen, guys!