Monday, March 20, 2017

Hacker's Memory will let tamers bring 73 new Digimon back to the world of Cyber Sleuth

"The protagonist of this work is not a hero chosen to save the world."
March 21st, 2017. Today Bandai Namco Entertainment opened the official Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory website, confirming several facts recently detailed in early leaks of V Jump magazine. Hacker's Memory will debut in Japan on the Playstation Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2017, with character designs once more being handled by Yasuda Suzuhito of Sleuth and Re:Digitize fame, while music will be done by Takada Masafumi. The game is being developed by Media.Vision, the same company which developed Cyber Sleuth. (The most recent Digimon titles, -next 0rder- and Cyber Arena, were made by Bandai in-house.) The site's tagline is "We were at the boundary between the real and the digital." (現実と電脳の境界に、僕らはいた。Riaru to dejitaru no kyoukai ni, bokura wa ita.)

Currently only the introduction page is functional. According to it, Hacker's Memory shares its setting and world with Cyber Sleuth, and will introduce 73 new Digimon to Sleuth's roster, for a grand total of 320. And since Hacker's Memory also contains the original game packed in free-of-charge, players will also be able to use the new Digimon from Memory in Cyber Sleuth, giving even veterans reason to play through it again.

The site promises to deliver a story on the underside of Sleuth:
In this work, another story will be told from the flipside of the events in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, following a new protagonist. 
In a near-future Tokyo where the boundaries between the real and the digital are breaking down, the player becomes a next-generation hacker using the AI-bearing computer virus born of cyberspace "Digimon," and solves the case stirred up by antagonistic hackers. 
The protagonist of this work is not a hero chosen to save the world. 
In face of a global crisis, where the common sense and values held up to now have changed dramatically, he struggles desperately to protect his friends, family, and most important places.  
From here a cyberpunk story with strong science fiction elements begins!
Although Sleuth is packed into Hacker's Memory, playing it is optional; the player can play Memory by itself without going through the previous game first.

In addition to 60 returning locations from SleuthMemory also features 30 new maps, for an approximate total of 90 visitable locations. While Sleuth spanned 20 chapters, Hacker's Memory will be concluded in just 18; it has 70 new subquests (equal to the number found in Sleuth) 30 key quests, and 40 free quests. (Compared to 32 key and 39 free quests, including DLC, for Sleuth.)

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory will launch in Japan in 2017. Although no western release date has yet been announced, Bandai's European branch trademarked Hacker's Memory on the 19th.


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