Monday, January 15, 2018

Adult-level Digimon tournament begins in Japan

"[Event Battle] Adult and lower no-duplicates tournament"
At 2:00 PM January 15th Japanese Standard Time the second Hacker's Memory tournament Shin'nen! Akemashite Omegamon came to a close, and the game's third event battle began. The theme of the next tournament, which will continue through the 31st, is "Adults and lower/No duplicates."

 The rules of the tournament are as follows;
  • Level 50 fixed/Bonus stats invalid
  • 30 Memory limit
  • Party members may only be Adult level or lower
  • You may not use more than one of the same Digimon in your party
Tamers are permitted to use Shoutmon (who has no level, but evolves from Koromon) but not Omega Shoutmon. Sistermon Noir and Blanc's respective Awakened forms may also be used, as can the Child-level Lucemon. The Memory size for most Adult-level Digimon ranges from 6~8, while the Awakened Sistermons are both 18 Memory in size, and Lucemon is 14.

These are the new Battle Missions for the tournament. The reward for completing all Battle Missions is, once again, a King Crown.

Mission 1

  • Rank 1.) Use the "Attack" command 10 or more times in battle. (Counterattacks & Combos count.) (300 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Use the "Attack" command 15 or more times in battle. (550 coins & "Berserker" title)
  • Rank 2.) Use the "Attack" command 20 or more times in battle. (1000 coins & "Silver Crown" title)
Mission 2
  • Rank 1.) Deal 200 or more damage total in one attack to all of the opponent's Digimon. (500 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Deal 400 or more damage total in one attack to all of the opponent's Digimon. (900 coins & "Crack Team" title)
  • Rank 3.) Deal 600 or more damage total in one attack to all of the opponent's Digimon. (1800 coins & "Gold Crown" accessory)
Mission 3
  • Rank 1.) Use Special Skills 3 or more times. (150 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Use Special Skills 8 or more times. (300 coins & "Reaper" title)
  • Rank 3.) Use Special Skills 15 or more times. (600 coins & "Bronze Crown" accessory)
The aforementioned Lucemon is ideal for meeting all of the second mission requirements, as a single Accel Boosted Grand Cross can complete all three ranks in one battle.

The pool of bots matchable for the event has been rotated out to match its themes, but the restrictions make them somewhat more difficult compared to those faced in preceding tournaments, as they continue to use the inflated states normally reserved for matching up against teams of Ultimate and Super Ultimate Digimon. Confirmed AI opponents include;
  • 015CAFEDEOSUWARI - Gabumon & Agumon
  • 014MIKATAWASMALL - Tokomon, Pabumon & Mochimon
  • 028HACHIDORICHAN - Zanbamon, Leomon & Lucemon (Child)
  • 046DEGIMONDAISKI - Lunamon, Patamon & Lucemon (Child)
  • 029KAIJUDAISENSO - V-dramon, Bao Hackmon & Geo Greymon
  • 039ANIMALSGARDEN - Birdramon, Sorcerimon & Kyuubimon
The rewards in the coin shop remain the same as the previous month, including the Chitose and Nokia avatars. The contents will change along with the event itself on February 1st.
  • Kagami Mochi (White) - 200 coins
  • Kagami Mochi (Festive) - 200 coins
  • Kagami Mochi (Gold) - 5000 coins
  • Kagami Mochimon (Doll) - 200 coins
  • Chitose - 1000 coins
  • Chitose (In-patient) - 1000 coins
  • Nokia - 1000 coins
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory will launch worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita January 19th, 2018.


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