Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Megidramon stats for Hacker's Memory

#295 Megidramon
Ultimate-level/20 Memory/2 Slots
Special Skill: Megiddo Flame (20 SP)
"130 Fire-attribute physical damage to 1 enemy." 
Support Skill: Digital Hazard
"Attack increases by 10%, and damage from Fire- and Dark-attribute Skills increases by 10%."
Meteofall II (Lv20)
Wolkenapalm III (Lv35)
Destroy Cannon II (Lv50)
Chain Lost (Lv65)
Meteofall III (Lv80)

Evolves from Groundramon, Megadramon, Megalo Growlmon, or Gigadramon. Cannot evolve further.

Level 1 Stats
HP 1250 SP 67
AT 150 IT 60
DF 83 SD 90
Level 50 Stats
HP 1690 SP 120
AT 199 IT 109
DF 132 SD 153
Level 99 Stats
HP 2130 SP 174
AT 248 IT 158
DF 181 SD 217

Overall Megidramon's HP is within the top 10 and its Attack within the top 15, while its Speed is in the same bracket as Aero V-dramon. Its Intelligence and Defense are both below-average for a fully evolved Digimon.

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