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No region restriction on Digimon tournaments in Hacker's Memory, user titles mistranslated

The fortnightly "event battle" page, which currently hosts rules allowing only Digimon of Adult level or lower.

With the international launch of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory on PlayStation 4 and Vita over January 19th, the English-speaking world has been brought into the fold of the ongoing Adult Digimon tournament that began in Japan earlier this month. The revelation comes as a surprise to some, as the most recent tournament has been themed around Japanese New Year's. In light of the culturally-specific Kagami Mochi accessories being the primary multiplayer reward, and the event itself already being several days in-progress, up to now it was not unthinkable that English-speaking territories would have their own separate track of events.

This news may be for the best; while a handful of player titles and accessories remain Japan-exclusive for the time being due to the earlier launch of Hacker's Memory in Asia, in the long term all of these will become available to all players regardless of their language or country of origin. The current Japan exclusives are as follows:
  • Santa Hat
  • Black Santa Hat
  • Green Santa Hat
  • Present Box (White)
  • Present Box (Red)
  • Present Box (Gold)
  • Ryuji avatar
  • Ryuji (Hospital) avatar
  • Shiga Youji avatar
  • Kayaba Tooru avatar
  • The titles Christsmasher, Light Fang, and Crusader (from the Christmas tournament)
  • The titles Happy Omegamon, Chosen Child, and Command Tamer (from the Omegamon New Year's tournament)

The current event is fairly easy to jump into, as bonus stats are ignored, the Memory limit is a paltry 30, and it only requires relatively lower-end Digimon compared to the main Ranked mode. Thus the headstart from getting the game early doesn't confer nearly as much of an advantage on Japanese Digimon tamers, making the current theme ideal for westerners to join in on.

For those seeking to get started, some of the recommended Digimon include Tankmon for his damage output, and XV-mon or Greymon (Blue) for the Dragon's Wrath Support. The only must-have Inheritable Skill in this event is the damage-doubling Acceleration Boost, which can be picked up at level 10 from Tyrannomon and Fladramon, at level 18 from Monochromon, or at level 25 from Greymon and Agnimon. (Fladramon and Agnimon require storyline progress to unlock their respective evolution items, the Digimental of Courage and Human Spirit of Fire.)

Although the rewards in the Coin Shop remain the same across languages, some titles have been mistranslated in the transition from Japanese to English;
  • The title "Crack Team," named after the group in Digimon's base canon, has been mistranslated as "Crank Team." This could be from a misreading of クラック Kurakku as クランク Kuranku.
  • The title "Hypnos," named after the NSA-like espionage organization in Digimon Tamers, has somehow become "Hypnotizer."
  • The title "Xros Heart General," named after Kudou Taiki's title in Digimon Xros Wars, was rendered as "Cross Heart General." Something similar happened with a tutorial on the Xros Combo mechanic back in Cyber Sleuth. Note however that Xros is presented correctly on the same page of the shop, in the title "Xros Wars."
  • Though not a title, the Kagami Mochi hats were left as-is while the Kagami Mochimon hat was rendered literally as "Mirror Motimon," seemingly not picking up on the pun.
On a localization note, while the "Crest of Purity" has been made into the "Crest of Sincerity" and "Crest of Honesty" into "Crest of Reliability" in accordance with the Digimon: Digital Monsters English dub, curiously the titles not associated with the first season do not use their localized equivalents. The title "Wild Bunch" would normally be replaced with "Monster Makers" to match the English dub of Digimon Tamers, yet goes untouched; in kind, "The Best Bancho" would ordinarily be translated as "The Best Street Fighter," "Cross Heart General" would be rendered "Fusion Fighter General," "Twilight General" would become "Midnight General," and "Death General" as "Dark General."

Instead these titles have all been left alone in translation, and the titles that refer to the individual works by their Japanese names (Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, X-Evolution) have likewise remained the same.

The current Battle Missions remain identical to their Japanese counterparts, with the reward for fully clearing all three being a King's Crown as was the case in previous tournaments.
Mission 1
  • Rank 1.) Use Attack over 10 times in battle (including counters and combos). (300 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Use Attack over 15 times in battle (including counters and combos). (550 coins & "Berserker" title)
  • Rank 2.) Use Attack over 20 times in battle (including counters and combos). (1000 coins & "Silver Crown" title)
Mission 2
  • Rank 1.) Inflict over 200 or more damage in total to all enemies in a battle. (500 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Inflict over 400 or more damage in total to all enemies in a battle (900 coins & "Crank Team" title)
  • Rank 3.)  Inflict over 600 or more damage in total to all enemies in a battle. (1800 coins & "Golden Crown" accessory)
Mission 3
  • Rank 1.) Use Special Moves over 3 times in battle (including counters and combos). (150 coins)
  • Rank 2.) Use Special Moves over 8 times in battle (including counters and combos). (300 coins & "Reaper" title)
  • Rank 3.) Use Special Moves over 15 times in battle (including counters and combos). (600 coins & "Bronze Crown" accessory)
The Coin Shop items remain the same until the 31st;
  • Kagami Mochi (White) - 200 coins
  • Kagami Mochi (Red + White) - 200 coins
  • Kagami Mochi (Gold) - 5000 coins
  • Kagami Mochimon (Doll) - 200 coins
  • Chitose - 1000 coins
  • Chitose (Hospital) - 1000 coins
  • Nokia - 1000 coins
The non-limited-time items available in the shop are;

Accessories (5000 coins each)
  • Golden Goggles
  • Golden Visor
Titles (100 coins each)
  • Crest of Courage
  • Crest of Friendship
  • Crest of Love
  • Crest of Knowledge
  • Crest of Purity
  • Crest of Faith
  • Crest of Hope
  • Crest of Light
  • Crest of Kindness
  • Hypnotizer
  • Wild Bunch
  • The Best Bancho
  • DATS Trooper
  • DigiWorld Explorer
  • Cross Heart General
  • Blue Flare General
  • Twilight General
  • Death General
  • Silver Cross
  • Blue Falcon
  • Black Sword
  • Bloody Nights
  • D.G.S
  • Rebels Hacker
  • Zaxon Hacker
  • Demon Hacker
  • Hudie Member
  • Alias
  • Inherited Goggles
  • Shibuya Style
  • GIGO Company Worker
  • Arcadia
  • Adventure
  • Tamers
  • Frontier
  • Savers
  • Xros Wars
  • X-Evolution
  • 100% Tamer
Avatars (300 coins each)
  • Masked Maids #2
  • Masked Maids #3
  • Rabbit Circle #2
  • Rabbit Circle #3
  • High-Level Hacker #2
  • High-Level Hacker #3
  • Black Silver #2
  • Black Silver #3
  • Akiba Flannel #2
  • Akiba Flannel #3
  • Cat Ears #2
  • Cat Ears #3
  • Legend Angels #2
  • Legend Angels #3
  • Young at Heart #2
  • Young at Heart #3
  • Wheel Lovers #2
  • Wheel Lovers #3
  • 101 #2
  • 101 #3
  • Dinosaurists #2
  • Dinosaurists #3
  • Spike & Shield #2
  • Spike & Shield #3
  • Nakano Stripes #2
  • Nakano Stripes #3
  • Tokyo Shock Groove #2
  • Tokyo Shock Groove #3
  • Fire Powers #2
  • Fire Powers #3
  • Spread Wings #2
  • Spread Wings #3
  • Forest Girls #2
  • Forest Girls #3

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