Friday, January 12, 2018

Omega Shoutmon stats for Hacker's Memory

#327 Omega Shoutmon
No level/20 Memory/2 Slots
Special Skill: Hard Rock Damashii (20 SP)
"2 physical attacks, 65 Fire-attribute damage to one foe."
Special Skill: Heavy Metal Vulcan (20 SP)
"100 physical Fire-attribute damage to all foes."
Support Skill: Xros Heart
"Raises Attack and combo chance by 8%."

Accel Boost (Lv20)
Cross Counter (Lv35)
Speed Charge Field (Lv50)
Meteo Fall III (Lv65)

Evolves from Shoutmon. Cannot evolve further.

Level 1 Stats
HP 980 SP 88
AT 117 IT 65
DF 95 SD 112
Level 50 Stats
HP 1510 SP 141
AT 166 IT 114
DF 144 SD 165
Level 99 Stats
HP 2050 SP 195
AT 215 IT 163
DF 193 SD 219

Notes on Omega Shoutmon
Reflecting his higher Memory cost, Omega's stats are on par with other fully evolved Digimon. (They compare favorably with King Etemon.) The only thing worryingly low is Intelligence, which is barely higher than Megidramon's. Heavy Metal Vulcan is point-for-point stronger than War Greymon's Gaia Force, and Hard Rock Damashii is completely identical to Gaioumon's Rinkazan.

Akemashite Omegamon!

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