D-1 Grand Prix

The D-1 Grand Prix was a tournament series first created by Bandai for its Digital Monster virtual pets in 1997. Over the years, the D-1 adapted to become inclusive of various video games, trading card games, and Digivice toys. Its legacy endures into the present, through the fan-organized DIGIMADO tournament series. This is a history of how the energy of the D-1 was harnessed both by Bandai and by Digimon's fandom to cultivate a community and environment of friendly competition.

It seems appropriate to convey this history now that -next 0rder- is upon us. Many fans were not present for some of the events described in this timeline, and still others have no concept of the "Tamer and Digimon" dichotomy that Digimon was originally based on. This is not just the story of children's competitions, but also the story of how the definition of Digimon and their relationship to human beings have both evolved over time. In 1997 handheld LCD toys were an explosive fad with children everywhere, and within fifteen years those same 16x16 pixels were being rendered as detailed 3D models battling over ad hoc wireless networks. That evolution is at the heart of the D-1.

The Original Monster Makers: A History of the D-1 Grand Prix & Tournament Play in Digimon (1997-98) (Published October 27th, 2015)
Children's War Game: Digimon Pendulum, the D-Challenge, and the Second Grand Prix (1999) (Published November 7th, 2015)
Zen and the Art of Digimon: Digimon in Asia and the West (1997-2000) (Published November 29th, 2015)

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